The struggle in life

That’s the way we do it.

Human life as we’ve structured it these days is so much unnecessary struggle.

We’re only here on Earth for a short time, and we’re surrounded by so much beauty. The intricacies of nature are magical.

Yet, as a species, we only appreciate it for what we can take from it.

All of us partake in the exploitation of the Earth.

We interrupt natural cycles without any regard to the consequences. And when we respond to the consequences we leave bigger messes. We’re always in such a hurry to do things faster.

We have to work harder so we can be more comfortable, more successful. That’s the way we do it.

We want to make the highest grade, to be the most popular, to have nice things. These are the things worth struggling for, striving for.

When there is no struggle we will create difficulties for ourselves, sabotage ourselves, just for the sensation of struggle.

Why else would we continue to perpetuate systems and societies that exploit us?

We’ve got to change the way we do things. To do that, we’ve got to change our minds. We’ve got to liberate our hearts.

It will take changing our minds so we can find the reasons to make better choices. It will take changing our minds so we can see consequences and their causes.

It will take changing our minds so our minds are willing to work with our hearts instead of ignoring the wisdom inherent in them.

We must change on a fundamental level.

We must change on a massive scale.

We must change before we can no longer do it.

Obviously we need a miracle. If you want to attribute that miracle to God or to magic or to people working with the laws of nature, it doesn’t matter. We all still need to do our part.

It’s the least we can do.

Lend Your Light.

Spread the word.

Let’s dream together.

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Steve Rigell

Steve Rigell

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