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Steve Rigell
2 min readJun 13, 2022


You’ll probably ignore that, too, because it’s at least just as much of a pain in the ass requiring you to care about something you would prefer not to care about.

These are the things that will always bite you in the butt.

The things we ignore, and, the things we thing are true, but aren’t.

Everything that doesn’t exist for us falls into the category of what we don’t know. Everything that does exist for us falls into the category of stuff we think is true but isn’t.

You can’t win.

Somehow we’ve convinced ourselves we know enough about what we don’t know that we can just ignore it. Just filter it out and go on with our days. Not exactly blissful ignorance these days, but ignorance nonetheless.

Fish don’t know about water.

You don’t miss your water till your well runs dry.

And we have no idea what we don’t know.

That’s what science is about. Discovering things we don’t know. Done right, it’s a systematic way of asking better questions. Done wrong it’s a way of ignoring the obvious and believing whatever you want to believe, regardless of what you know.

That’s the way most of us operate. We don’t even consider what we don’t know.

Life has become so complicated, people have stopped caring, because there’s one thing about life you can’t escape. It’s fucking relentless.

That’s actually a good thing, but humans don’t like that aspect of life. I mean, how can you care about something that just won’t fucking stop. That’s what we call irritating. We’d rather just snuff it all out and simplify things so we can get a little relief from the relentlessness of life, cuz you can’t ignore it, because it’s always there.

Maybe once we get this relentlessness of life out of the way, we’ll have a little time for considering what we don’t know. I mean, jeez, a person can only do so much in a day.

The fact is that democracy, like every sustainable aspect of life, requires effort. In fact, the effort required is actually creating more value within your individual context than you extract from that context.

For some reason, this doesn’t sound like a good deal to the human mind.

Anyway, it’s the relentlessness that gives life some hope for continuing to be sustainable. The sustainable bits are those that create more value than they extract.


Humanity’s unwillingness to embrace this relentlessness doesn’t bode well for us as a species unless we change our thinking a bit. I mean, change our thinking a lot. Like, change our minds completely and start using our hearts more. PDQ.

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